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Welcome to The Fit Behaviour
We aim to help people get back on their fitness journey Post Covid, This is the place where they can connect to the people who are willing to stay fit and they together can focus upon their recovery.

How do we connect people?

  • We Register those who are intrested in being healthy and fit
  • They can connect with each other and join each other fitness sessions
  • Our teams create groups and add people and organise the fitness sessions every week to take fitness on another level
  • We promote live video sessions in groups of people connected

The definition of fit is being sound physically and mentally and due to the recent events of covid-19 a lot of people have lost their health and have weaker immune systems. Because fitness is the state of being physically able to live the happy, fulfilling life Fitness basically helps and indivisual to have Increased energy levels, Better work-life balance, Stronger immunity and Sounder sleep and a healthy life.

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The six elements of Physical fitness

Considering the total body, there are six elements of fitness: aerobic capacity, body structure, body composition, balance, muscular flexibility and strength.

Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity improves with cardiovascular exercises
Performing any of these types of activities at an intensity of approximately 60-80% of your total maximum heart rate.

Body Composition

In physical fitness, body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in human bodies. Because muscular tissue takes up less space in the body than fat tissue, body composition, as well as weight, determines leanness.

Body Structure

Human body is the structure of a human being. It is composed of many different types of cells that together create tissues and subsequently organ systems. They ensure homeostasis and the viability of the human body.


The vestibular system is one of the sensory systems that provides your brain with information about balance, motion, and the location of your head and body in relation to your surroundings. There are three loops in your inner ear, called semicircular canals. The first canal senses up-and-down movement.

Muscular flexibility

Muscular flexibility, which is the ability to move joints freely, is necessary to achieve optimum fitness levels.


The ability to carry out work against a resistance. Strength is the maximal force you can apply against a load. Training to improve muscle strength includes lifting weights or otherwise increasing the resistance against which you work.

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In the last 2 years, we seen a world trembling with covid-19. So it's now very important to care for our health and fitness more than ever.

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We provide 3 categories in which we have a different types of Services according to which category you choose from.


$0 / month

  • Aerobic capacity
  • Body structure
  • Body composition
  • Balance
  • Muscular flexibility


$29 / month

  • Aerobic capacity
  • Body structure
  • Body composition
  • Balance
  • Muscular flexibility

Frequently Asked Questions

All of us has some questions about evertyhing. how to do a certain thing, how to start, what to do, what not. So here are some of the frequently asked questions you may think about.


    No, you do not need to work out every day. In fact, in most cases, We would recommend at least 1-2 days of total rest a week. However, just because you have a rest or recovery day scheduled into your calendar, doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t active at all on these days. Light, regular movement such as walking your dog around the block, or taking time for stretching or foam rolling are great recovery techniques to help increase blood flow and reduce tension in tight muscles.

  • Your diet plays a huge role in the overall success of your new routine. Regardless of your goals, it’s important to give your body the fuel and energy it needs to crush and recover from your workouts. There are tons of diets out there, and really when it comes down to it, the choice is personal. If I can give a general piece of advice, it would be to simply focus on including more whole foods in your diet.

  • Your rest will depend on your workout schedule. We recommend 1 or 2 full days of rest in your schedule. This isn’t only great for giving your body time to recover for your workouts, it also can be a great time for self-care to promote mental health.


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